Preparing for Driveway Paving

Before you install your driveway pavings, you will need to prepare the ground on which you will lay them. The task of preparing for driveway paving includes some heavy manual labor, however, the process is easy. Note, however, that you will need to build a slope away from the building, in order to prevent water from training through and damaging the building. 

  • Preparing the Site 

If the intended site us tiled or tarred, you will need to dispose of the existing materials before you can begin work on it. You can properly get rid of these materials by communicating to a waste management company concerning the effective procedures of disposal or recycling options.  

You then need to establish the exact site for the driveway and mark out the area. Make sure to leave about six inches more space than is intended on all the sides of the site where the paving will be installed. 

  • Preparing the Work

Determine the materials you are going to need in order to complete the task.vajd also the amount of material that will be required, making sure that the amount of sand and crushed stones are going to be sufficient. After which you purchase or rent the items you will need to complete the job, in order to not waste valuable work time when you chase replenishments around. Gather all the equipment and store them in an area close to the paving site. 

  • Digging and Tamping

Using a flat shovel or a spade, dig about 11 inches into the ground on the area of land covering the paving site. You can also extend the digging to the area where the edging material would be installed. You should then level things out using a plate compactor and tamp things out. 

  • The Base Materials 

Place one-third of the crushed stone into the paving site and drown the stones using a hose before you level things out with the plate compactor. Ensure that the area is even before you factor in the slope necessary to drain water. Seek out the dips and holes on the area and fill them with more holes. Level the area out again. Walk on the area, and be sure that the ground is properly prepared. If you can wall on the stones without altering them, then you can proceed

  • Edging and Sand

Install the edgings in their place at the sides of the driveway with spikes. Then lay about 1½ inches of sand over the stones. Level things out and note that the slope is necessary for allowing drainage away from the house. 

The, carry out leveling using a long and straight piece of wood. 

That ends the process of preparing the driveway paving and it makes laying the pavers easier. 

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